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Kinkara Luxury Retreat Center at Rise, Costa Rica

A few weeks ago, I had one of the most transformational experiences of my life with the most amazing group of people with 1heart in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen at Kinkara Retreat Center at Rise in Costa Rica.

Rise is an 800 acre property in the mountains near San Isidro, Costa Rica. Rise is an eco-village, retreat center, and farm with a purpose to embrace learning, wellbeing, and living in their most beautifully expressed forms. Kinkara is the luxury retreat center where we stayed on the 1heart journey.

1heart's purpose is to foster a new generation of heart-led leaders birthing conscious companies — using business as a force of good to transform lives and the planet. Learn more at

Kinkara hit all the marks - beauty, nature, luxury, service, sustainability and more.

When we first arrived at Kinkara, the workers escorted us through the beautiful land lot with torches with a gorgeous view of the city lights in the valley below. They told us a story of ancient traditions on the walk.

When I walked in I was absolutely breath taken by the beauty of the center. Feeling the love of everyone there was incredible as the handed us cold towels with essential oil and offered us tea. They showed us the land, gave some information about the stay and said to ask for anything we need.

The Operations Manager informed me on how they are doing their part to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

They get their water from the mountain above. The energy is almost 100% renewable energy. The food grown on site in the garden feeds 90% of the staff and some is used for the retreats. All the food waste goes to feed the animals.

The land was gorgeous with the mandala garden, fire pit area, Temezcal, and the nearby creek and trails. The view of the valley below and city lights at night was incredible. You could see so many stars in the sky and the lightning in the distance.

The beautiful Lotus Bell tents were like hotel rooms which the refilled our water every day, made our beds, and even had huge battery packs for charging our phones.

The service provided was the best I have ever experienced. The workers provided anything needed and always put the utmost care and attention to detail in everything they did.

The food served was gourmet 3 course meals with many options. Their service is impeccable, they even have the staff do their best to remember people’s names, they ask if you have food preferences vegan / gluten free and modify the food order to fit your needs.

Not just the usual rice and beans you find in Costa Rica. The first night they served delicious potatoes with pesto flavor, broccoli soup, cauliflower curry, chutney, pineapple juice, salad, beet, and more veggies. For dessert they served chocolate cups with chocolate mouse inside topped with truffles and mangos.

The buildings were modern and very well crafted, even the bathrooms were incredible with the design and outdoor/ indoor showers.

The accommodations were luxurious and in alignment with my values by living in a sustainable way in harmony with the planet and with an abundance of organic, fresh, local food.

Do you want to experience this beautiful center or others like it? Contact Us for more information on how to find these amazing places!

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