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La Tierra

A Regenerative Village in Costa Rica, creating a whole new way of living, creating community, and interaction in nature and each other. On approximately 430 acres near Santa Teresa with beachfront property and a waterfall flowing into the ocean.


Santa Teresa. Costa Rica





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About La Tierra

La Tierra include 2 major villages; The Port and Ataraxia. There is also an area named Mycelia where other communities can build their micro villages within La Tierra. The Port consists of elegantly designed bamboo structures surrounded with water and ponds. Ataraxia has 56 lots clustered in pods of 8, with common spaces in the middle. The community is designed with the experience of people at heart, to create connection, fun, and creativity.


The common spaces include commercial spaces, a food court, a waterfall beach club, green house art studios, a farm-to-table restaurant, permaculture gardens, shared kitchens, a playground, an amphitheater, a yoga shala, and so much more. 

Other areas include a middle eastern style hotel, an art walk called Land of O, a hospitality area with tents called The Fort, a school of regenerative thought called Agora, and plenty of space for events and festivals.

Architectural Renders

Services Provided

  • Development Planning

  • Financial Modeling

  • Business Revenue Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Operations Budgets

  • Investment Strategies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Construction Costs

  • Sustainable Materials

  • Land Site Visit & Analysis

  • Regenerative System Partners

  • Construction Partners


Learn More

Contact us to learn about how they built an interactive master plan.

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