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About Us

New Earth Development
is about...

Our Ethos



We believe in creating a world where all beings are thriving in harmony with nature and each other, while regenerating the planet.



We develop regenerative, self-sustaining, zero waste, net positive energy, carbon sequestering eco-homes, communities, centers, and cities around the world.

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Changing Lives

With every project, we give back to the local community, providing clean water, food, shelter, waste management and recycling. The local economies are improved by providing jobs and artisan spaces to make goods and provide services.

We make sure that the indigenous wisdom and culture is incorporated by requesting permission from the spirit of the land and ensuring to build aligned with the energy and needs of Earth.

What We Do

We are pioneering the regenerative real estate development industry by showcasing a model of regenerative building and holistic operations to create a thriving lifestyle where all basic needs are secured within a culture of connection, health, and joy.

We create regenerative development projects, as well as provide services to other developers that ensure their vision is realized and makes a positive impact. 

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Image by Darius Bashar

Thriving Lifestyle

An abundance of food, water, energy, and community amenities create a healthy, thriving lifestyle for all. The healing centers, retreat centers, zero waste grocery, organic restaurants, sustainable retail, and entertainment areas allow people from around the world to experience this vibrant lifestyle.

New paradigm ways of operating are integrated into the communities. Decentralized governance models are used for making decisions together. Education includes sustainability, entrepreneurship, relationships, and arts as well as basic academics. Transformational events help people in all areas of life.

Global Solutions

Every aspect of a regenerative community is measured to make a positive impact in metrics of carbon sequestration, nature restoration, improving the indexes of biodiversity, raising consciousness, empowering local businesses, circularity, and more. 


What is Regenerative
Community Design?


Focusing on Designing Whole Systems


All-In-One Solution

Regenerative design considers the full ecosystem and greater community rather than thinking of buildings and structures as entities that exist independently from one another. Regenerative systems support the well-being of residents as well as our planet.

vs Sustainability

The difference between sustainability and regeneration is simple – the former maintains the existing levels and the latter adds new and more vigorous life to an area. If we’re going to reverse climate change, deforestation and environmental degradation – we need to do more than maintain the status quo.




To bring new and more vigorous life to an area. 
To regrow or revive and bring into renewed existence.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

Incorporate New Paradigm Community Operations