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Free Regenerative Development Training:

Learn the X Steps to Prepare Your Regenerative Community Project For Investment Raise

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We are living in a time when millions and millions of forward-thinking people like us are completely transforming the way we think about where and how we live. No longer are we content living separately from our neighbors, work, food sources, family, nature, health, friends or our connection to the passions that light us up most in life.


Therefore, what we’re seeing in the world is literally the greatest migration in human history- Millions of us are giving up our divided suburban or city lifestyles and starting to search for a modern, yet holistic approach to life, work, play, family, growth, and freedom connected to nature.


… It’s a migration towards what we at New Earth Development like to call a Regenerative Community.


This migration towards Regenerative Communities is literally in our DNA.


Every single one of us is wired to live in community, close to our natural food sources, sharing our lives with neighbors who we care about and who care about us - because it’s that lifestyle that helped us survive for hundreds of thousands of years in pre-modern society. That’s why people are feeling called to participate in this new paradigm approach to Regenerative Community living from many different angles…

Who is this course for

… And everyone else feeling the call.

When you look deeply enough at our society through any of these lenses, you see that we must literally change where and how we live in order to truly be the change that our hearts are yearning for, and the world needs most.


This Regenerative Community Development Course teaches a 10 step process that comprehensively covers  each aspect of building a regenerative community. From envisioning the dream to finding, funding, building, and operating the project.

In this course, we’ve combined enormous amounts of information gained throughout years of travel, research, connections, and over 10,000 hours of experience as well 15+ experts on various topics throughout the curriculum.

Our purpose is to bring about revolutionary societal change by facilitating greater connection among people and the planet through creating harmonious living environments where all beings can thrive. To do this, we need many people like you to build regenerative communities.

You are doing a great service to the world by developing regenerative communities, and it's our mission to provide you with the best resources to be successful in your venture.

We are so grateful to bring this world-changing information to you.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to create a better Earth for all beings.

10 Steps Overview

By the end of this course, you will know how to…

  1. Establish your vision, mission, purpose, values and goals for your project.

  2. Create governance and social operations & agreements to  onboard aligned people into your vision.

  3. Choose an internal economic structure for the community

  4. Create a high-level development plan and revenue generation plan.

  5. Choose the best legal structure for your community type.

  6. Raise funding in a variety of ways.

  7. Search for land, perform due diligence, and acquire land.

  8. Create detailed financial models and assess the financial feasibility.

  9. Build the community.

  10. Operate the community.


Why was this course created?

We believe by creating these communities, we can more easily live in harmony with each other and the planet. We can live in alignment with our values and treat everything holistically like we are part of the one living ecosystem that everything is.

Many people want to build regenerative communities for more self-sufficiency and less reliance on the corporate systems and government. 

Currently most people rely on utility companies for energy and water, grocery stores for food, and are enslaved to their debt payments. We want people to be secure in their basic needs so they don’t have to worry about surviving, but can truly focus on thriving and living their full potential.


When we realized the enormous demand for this information we wanted to help as many people as possible. One-on-one, we can only help a limited amount of clients, but with this course, we can help millions. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step process with all the resources someone would need to be able to create a fully-functioning successful regenerative community.


There are so many separate pieces of information about how to build regenerative communities out there, yet what process to follow can be overwhelming and confusing. 


So we decided to share an easy-to-follow, implementable process with video lessons for every step in detail and actions to take to carry out the steps in this Regenerative Community Development Course. Therefore, any individual or team in the world can know exactly what to do to create a regenerative community of their own.

What to Expect in the Course

  • 50+ Videos explaining each step 

  • 10,000’s of Hours of Experience and Knowledge

  • Practical and Concise Steps & Detailed Content

  • 200+ SlidesPowerpoint slides for visual learning 

  • Real Eco-Community Examples

  • 100’S of Credible Resources and links for even more information

  • Action Steps and Exercises for Implementation

  • Detailed Templates and Worksheets to keep organized and stay focused

  • Contacts and Companies to work with

  • 15+ Experts with 200+ years of combined experience

  • Links to Resources, Companies, Books and more to further deepen your learning on any of the steps

  • An overview, content, experts, resources, and exercises to take action for every module, so you know exactly what to do.

Regenerative Education

What type of project is this for?

This course is for anyone that wants to build or improve upon any type of intentional in-person community. 


No matter what you are intending to build-  from a small ¼ acre community home to a neighborhood to an entire city, you will be able to use the concepts and resources in this course to expand your vision for what’s possible, and implement your dream.. 


We believe anyone who has the dedication and patience can use this information to carry out the steps to create a regenerative community.

Meet the Teachers

McVeenDelMar-354 2 copy.jpg

Kelly Krezek

  • Kelly Krezek has over a decade of experience in business development, team management and training, project management, finance, real estate, and sustainability consulting for commercial and residential real estate projects.

  • Through traveling to over 50 eco-communities across 6 countries and 3 continents, she created a database of the best regenerative practices and technologies and developed close relationships with 100’s of experts in regenerative community development practices.

  • In Real Estate Development, Kelly invested in, wholesaled, renovated, and sold over 50 projects. She co-founded a real estate group with over 1000 members and spoke on stages with top real estate professionals. She also trained and managed a team of over 200 real estate agents and investors.

  • Kelly now specializes in creating environments that allow humanity to thrive and live harmoniously with nature, each other, and the planet. She uses permaculture principles to create homes with renewable energy, clean water, food forests, recycled and low-consumption water systems, zero-waste systems, and regenerative materials that will last hundreds of years.

  • She has expanded her network to include connections in decentralized currency and economic models, co-governance models, clean and efficient transportation, holistic health care, and experiential education systems that integrate individual expression and personal development.

  • Kelly has consulted on many green projects including eco-smart city plans, sustainable retreat center developments, community and building design, project management, and team building in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand.  She is currently working with The Venus Project on land acquisition for the Center for Resource Management which will include futuristic regenerative city design and a resource-based economic model.

  • She has incorporated best practices for environmental, social and governance structures as a Sustainability Consultant for large commercial real estate companies such as Howard Hughes, GID, PGIM, and Jamestown with diverse portfolios of multi-family, office, and industrial buildings, with over $100 Billion in assets under management.

  • Kelly Krezek is currently creating the model for regenerative development for many different locations and cultures around the world.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.13.11 PM.png

Satyen Raja

  • Co-founder with his wife, Suzanne of the multi million-dollar transformational academy, Warriorsage, Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world.
    After 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, Satyen works privately with CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams who have mastered accomplishment in the financial and public world, but now want a deeper balance, illumination and self-realized equilibrium that we call Peak Existence™.
    A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to lead leaders worldwide into their highest self-knowledge, self-expression and impact.
    Satyen’s elite clientele know they are ready for next level integrated fullness, and a life vibrant with purpose, passionate intimacy, connection, significance and transcendence.

  • Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful and influential. A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences & leaders worldwide into their highest impact and personal fulfillment.
    Having invested 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, he is the leading authority on expanding success while serving the greater good without sacrificing the joys of personal life.
    Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, WarriorSage. Satyen leads private one-on-one retreats for CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams and is a corporate cultural advisor and trainer for elite companies. Satyen’s fearless and heartfelt style transforms your limitations into strengths and your life into peak existence.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.12.56 PM.png

Diana Leafe Christian

  • Author, Nationwide Speaker, and Workshop Presenter on starting new ecovillages, on sustainability, on building communities, and on governance by sociocracy. She lives in an off-grid homestead at Earthaven Ecovillage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, U.S. She has said that living in an intentional community "is the longest, most expensive, personal growth workshop you will ever take."

  •  Christian is the author of two books designed to help people who want to join or start their own ecovillages or other intentional communities. In Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, she uses success stories, cautionary tales, and step-by-step advice to cover typical time-frames and costs; the role of founders; getting started as a group; vision documents; power, governance, and decision-making; legal structures; finding and financing land; zoning issues; sustainable site plans; selecting new members; and good process and communication skills for dealing well with conflict.

  • In Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community, she covers researching, visiting, evaluating, and joining communities.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.12.32 PM.png

Vishal Modha

  • Vishal is a prolific technologist. A senior tech lead and CTO from London, where he successfully coded and led teams to develop large-scale technology platforms for Unilever, Siemens, Department of Health, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Stage Coach, Bill Gates, Unity and many more.

  • In his recent time Vishal has diverted from just building technology towards city infrastructure, clean carbon negative energy, bamboo bicycles, modular artistic bio constructions, and gaining the skills and teams required to build out the ultimate regenerative sustainable smart city/village.

  • Vishal is currently working on the Unite Platform, a revolutionary new ecosystem bringing our society together to form smart-societies, where we share our skills, socialise, eliminate loneliness, gain purpose and achieve our collective Global Goals.
    With a deep involvement in the blockchain space, Vishal is contributing towards technolgies that are creating clean carbon negative fuel, regenerative money and contributing towards making a better world.

  • By attending key blockchain conferences around the world including Devcon, Block to the Future, and many more, Vishal has formed alliances with the most genuine creators within the blockchain and crypto space.

  • Vishal’s dream is to live in a regenerative village, tailored around wellness, where love for the planet meets the utmost intelligence, innovation, art and positive action towards the world’s most pressing challenges.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.13.23 PM.png

Tsunami Diamond

  • CEO of Ascended

  • Founder & CEO of Ascended, New Earth Systems Developer and Architect of Virtual & Physical Decentralized Communities, Quantum Technology Inventor, Speaker, Musician & Shaman
    Tsunami’s current projects include launching Ascended DHO & Token, developing Ascendia Eco-Futuristic Resorts, Smart City Project for the capital of Costa Rica, Converting 50 Global Nuclear Plants into Solar Plants, building the New Earth Metaverse on Ascendia XR, launching New Bioregions for SEEDS, working with NASA & MIT on R&D for Global rollout of a new energy system, launching a music album along with an NFT for Humanity.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.13.35 PM.png

Catherine Phillips

  • Catherine Phillips, our founder and primary attorney, has almost 15 years experience working in a variety of settings - from federal government, state government, nonprofit, investment banking, and private sector law firms. This myriad of experience allows her to adeptly and creatively assist you with all your business and estate planning needs. New paradigm businesses have needs and visions that are different from more traditional businesses. Catherine is skilled with being a bridge between the legal world as it exists and the world we are trying to build. So that, as much as is possible, the law can serve this new world rather than block it. She has an undergraduate degree from Duke University in public policy, a Master of Divinity, magna cum laude, also from Duke as well as a JD, with honors, from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill School of Law.


Joe McVeen

Joe McVeen

  • An Electrical Engineer by training, Joe loves to reverse-engineer the solution to world problems by applying systems thinking to create the teams, companies and strategic connections needed to fund and launch the New Earth.

  • As CEO of Viral Purpose Media, Joe has run a digital marketing agency with access to an influencer network of over 400 million followers across Facebook and Instagram. He’s also spent 4 years helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world to launch purpose-driven brands through a process called Inspiration Marketing. With close connections a health/wealth/wisdom television network called More U which is on pace to reach 150 million devices by 2022, Joe helps Executive Produce conscious media projects that support the visibility of regenerative brands, missions and stories that help inspire a shift in consciousness towards more regenerative lifestyles.

  • As a partner in the Earth Wealth Fund, Joe is a visionary venture capitalist who oversees the structuring of deals to invest in multi-million dollar regenerative development projects using Quantum Finance, win-win-win community profit centers, decentralized community valuation, and tokenization of real estate.  

  • As CMO of New Earth Development, Joe helps direct the messaging and launch strategy of the company to ensure the fastest and widest-spread proliferation of expertise to inspire Regenerative Community Development around the world.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.13.57 PM.png

Frances Pimentel

  • Frances is a seasoned international real estate sales, marketing, and project coordination professional focused in the Caribbean and South Florida markets. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and International Business as well as a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in International Business from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She obtained her South Florida real estate licensure in 2001. From this point onward she has worked in the real estate field holding both corporate positions in varying director level roles for multinational companies in several Caribbean islands and Miami, such as Grupo Marina D’Or, Maho Sonesta Hotels and First Service Residential, as well as that of an independent contractor as global real estate advisor.

  • Frances has been featured as an international realtor selling properties in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in HGTV's popular show House Hunters International. She holds the Certified International Property Specialist and Transnational Referral Certification designations and has also completed the Resort and Second Home Markets coursework from the National Association of Realtors. In addition, she holds a Project Management for Development certificate from the Inter-American Development Bank. Her past and current roles include working with local and international architectural and engineering teams as marketing and sales director and project liaison to determine best unit mixes and designs for real estate developments in multiple countries, procurement of vendors, relationships with ministries and government officials for permitting of projects, as well marketing, branding and sales strategies for these.

  • Frances brings to the table a unique mix of internal partnerships with companies that support every aspect of her business, from the negotiation of the sale and purchase of commercial and residential properties, and/or land for a proposed project, to development, marketing, sales, and operation of such.

  • In recent years, and due to what she believes to be a personal purpose, Frances has been focusing a large portion of her efforts in sustainable and regenerative real estate developments. She intends to continue to further grow this aspect of her business with the intention of protecting the environment and regenerating our planet. She is a professional member of the International Living Future Institute and is currently seeking ILFI Accreditation. She is also a member of the regional technical committee for the Latin America and Caribbean initiative tasked with the translation of the (mM) Mindful Materials database into the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

  • Currently, with the support and expertise of the Regenbe expert team, she collaborates with developers, municipalities and project owners that are committed to sustainable and regenerative practices and seek access to green finance for their projects. Regenbe is aligned with certifying bodies in green building such as the International Living Future Institute, EDGE, RESET, LEED, and others. They assist in designing and building projects according to the frameworks needed to access green funds and assist in the financial instrument determination and issuance as well as sourcing investors for such.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.14.11 PM.png

David Kaplan

  • Lover of nature, focused on human improvement and its evolution. Entrepreneur in the area of hospitality and green real estate development. Happily married and with two beautiful daughters who mean the world to me. Passionate about creating real estate solutions.

Angie pic.jpg

Angie Rainbow

Regenerative Lifestylist & Permaculture Expert, A team builder of a global community of Ascenders  on a collective quest to develop the lands of Ascendia in Collaboration with New Earth Now, Founder of Eco Rainbow Goddesses.

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