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Casas Las Tinas

An eco-friendly retreat center focused around holding transformational retreats, educational workshops, and events supporting personal growth while experiencing joy, prosperity, and freedom. On a 15-acre private beachfront property located on the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez in Baja, CA.


Baja CA, Mexico


Casas Las Tinas



About Casas Las Tinas

Casas Las Tinas is an eco-friendly Retreat Center focused around holding transformational retreats, educational workshops, and events supporting personal growth while experiencing joy, prosperity, and freedom.


It is a 15-acre private beachfront property located equal distance between La Paz and Los Cabos. The East Cape’s location on the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula makes for excellent kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and some of the world’s best sports fishing.


Services Provided

Clarified Vision & Mission

  • Recommendations for the vision and mission and also the phases of preparing the property to become a well functioning retreat center.


Location Analysis & Land Observation 

  • Site visit & analysis

  • Analyzed year round temperatures, flooding, hurricane seasons, plants and animals in the area, topography, wind, community design and more. 



Project Management


​Site Placement​

  • Site visit with regenerative systems experts and site manager to find best placements for tents.

  • Plan for tents included: testing, grading and excavation, tent staking , placement, and labor​

  • Located space for alter and temple on the property to share offerings and prayers to the land.


Ordering Products & Materials

  • Eco products such as biodegradable soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and green cleaning

  • Organic linens, pillow, plants, etc for retreat spaces

  • Floor pads, sound systems and lighting.

  • Clubhouse dining area, tables and chairs.

  • Supplies for the kitchen meals for the events. 


  • Developed project management planning via Click Up, to provide a system for communication on the project progress and tasks.

  • Created website content for sustainability aspects


Regenerative Features & Design

Landscape and Gardens 

  • Located areas for gardens and composting to regenerate and beautify the landscape.

  • Utilized permaculture principles and zones to assess location of plants

  • Placed composting area close to dining area protected from wind, and a place to have a garden bed for herbs and veggies.

  • Planned geodesic dome for plant that need protection from the winds

  • Planned greywater systems for direct water to the plants.

  • Integrated native plants resistant to hurricane and winds with drought tolerant landscape design

  • Planned to build a natural pool that uses plants as filtration rather than salt. 

Waste Management Systems

  • Created an eco-brick waste management system that includes saving all plastics and cans for building use. 

  • Designated an area to place compost for each house for food waste. 

  • Created a keyhole compost garden in the formation of a circle built with rocks from site.



Development & Financial Planning

  • Financial analysis for development of the property with renovations, gardens, landscape, tents, and other to create a functioning retreat center space.

  • General site map planning for communal areas, garden beds, mandala garden, tents, event spaces and compost areas

  • Renovation planning for the existing homes to be ready for retreats​​



Event Planning & Preparation

Event Space Preparation

  • Plan for the Event and Dining Areas for Events

  • Grading unfinished area to be used for communal outdoor space to build a permanent structure and event space.

Event Planning

  • Planned an event for a gathering to show the property and gain interest for marketing of the property for future retreats. ​

Building Workshops 

  • Planned workshop types, facilitator and date of workshops, cost, and number of attendees.

  • Outdoor bathrooms and shower construction

  • Planned placement, materials, and costs.


Partnership & Contacts

Local Permaculture Expert

  • Local permaculture specialist runs a 10 acre food forest and botanical garden

  • Visited their location and purchased plants for the retreat center 

  • Assessed climate, companion planting, bug resistant plants, food forests, greenhouses, dome building workshops, butterfly gardens and more​

Regenerative Systems Experts

  • Natural Building

  • Composting systems

  • Natural pools 

  • Greywater & blackwater water systems


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