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Learn the 5 Elements of Raising Investment For Your Regenerative Community Project

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Kelly Krezek

CEO of New Earth Development

Throughout her decade of experience in business development, team management and training, project management, finance, real estate, and sustainability consulting for commercial and residential real estate projects, Kelly has traveled to over 60 eco-communities across 6 countries and 3 continents.  She has worked on 10 real estate development projects ranging from $5M to $400M in size, personally has raised millions of dollars for real estate projects, has successfully completed over 50 real estate transactions, and is currently leading the development of regenerative community projects in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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Regenerative Development Funding Foundations


Learn the foundations necessary to successfully present your regenerative community development project to investors to get it funded and bring your vision to life.

Learn The 5 Elements of Raising Funding for Your Regenerative Development Project

Regardless of whether you already own land or are still looking, and no matter where in the planning process you are.

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 Congratulations for following your vision to create a regenerative community!

Are you part of the movement of people who are beginning to wake up to the reality that we need to reimagine our civilization system in order for our species and our planet to thrive together?

If you've arrived at this page, it's probably because you have a dream to bring to life a community project as well, and your timing couldn't be more perfect. 


Regenerative community projects ranging in size from small neighborhoods all the way up to eco smart cities are beginning to sprout up all around the world.

You're literally right at the beginning of the biggest real estate trend in history.

I’m sure you have already been seeing yourself walking through the garden, surrounded by all of your favorite people who are all so inspired and happy, excitedly collaborating on your passions while your families thrive together…


Where you and everyone you love enjoy a quality of life unlike anywhere else.


I’m sure you can already taste the fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden, and feel the energy in the air as your community enjoys a peaceful, harmonious life immersed in nature… 

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(AI-generated concept image which may or may not be what you envision exactly, but the point is you can create anything 😉 )

You probably have already been drawing up your visions and plans for what it’s going to look like and programs to run there and how it’s going to feel…


But there’s just one challenge in the way...

To Build It, You'll First Have to Fund It.

You may already be considering one of the following 3 main ways to fund your regenerative community, town or city project:

If you already have enough cash saved up to buy land, build infrastructure, sub-divide, market and sell lots, then this could be an option for you.

If you have a strong existing network who trusts you enough to put $20k-$100k deposits down so you can then build infrastructure, this could be an option for you.

In most cases, real estate development projects will bring in outside capital to get basic infrastructure and amenities in place to sell lots and homes.

You likely have business experience already, but if you’re like many community founders there’s so much knowledge out there that you don’t know that you don’t know which is required to avoid project-killing cashflow shortages and other mistakes


Because your investors will have a vested financial interest in seeing your project succeed, your team having a depth of financial and execution planning certainty will empower you to speak more confidently and put your investors' minds at ease.


But if you don’t have clarity about all of these components, you won't be able to make a detailed financial model to serve as the foundation of your funding strategy to ensure that the capital is all spent wisely.


Once you're clear on your vision, a solid development financial model makes all the difference in making sure you’re not wasting your time analyzing the wrong piece of land...


Or worse, you go through on a land purchase that it turns out you can't profitably develop while maintaining your regenerative values.  So you are faced with either sacrificing your values, or your financial security.


If you’re self-funding the project, maybe you’ve already experienced the sinking realization that you’re going to have to completely revise the master plan you spent so much time and money on because you didn’t plan the financials properly to understand how many lots and homes and rentals you would need to remain cash flow positive throughout the project.


Or maybe you’ve decided to try and fund your project by pre-selling lots and homes, only to find that would-be lot buyers won’t buy until you first invest into infrastructure for them to see that more is happening on the project.


Or maybe you already know that you need to raise investment, and are spending dozens of hours talking with lawyers, watching videos and reading articles about the process as you try to build a financial model from scratch.

For projects of all sizes around the world, we see founding teams not knowing how to turn their vision into a clear financial model and execution plan ready to handle the necessary scale of operations as the biggest reason their project never comes to life.


It's heartbreaking, because the world needs these regenerative communities now more than ever!


For our first project called Abundancia in Costa Rica, we had about a dozen conversations with lawyers both in the US and Costa Rica, trying desperately to understand the investment raise process.


We spent countless hours on YouTube and reading articles trying to figure it out, but we were determined to learn our way through no matter what it took…


Even as our savings slowly ran out.


We learned from multiple different experts across many disciplines who were experienced in investing in projects with their own money, and raising funding for ecovillage projects as well as lawyers in the US, Cayman Islands and Costa Rica to find out the best strategies to fund a regenerative development project.


We learned the documents we needed to prepare, the mindset we needed to talk with investors, the entity planning process, and more.


We assembled our financial model, pitch deck, business plan and website into a single cohesive, beautiful presentation.  We even rode on horses for 7 hours touring every part of the 1400 acre piece of land.

Abundancia Horseback ride.jpg

We took those materials to market, inspired investors to back our cause, and put a $2.3 million offer on the piece of land in Costa Rica we had been dreaming of…


... And then the seller took a different offer.


To say we were disappointed would be a huge understatement.


However, because we had all of our materials so organized and our plan so clear with financial models built, friends began referring us to other land partners.


Within 2 months, we had created a land partnership on 400 acres in southwestern Nicaragua on the beach, where we are now well underway capitalizing the development of 400 homes with new-paradigm amenities and world class Innovation and Healing Centers.


Mastering the process of turning a vision for a project into investor-friendly presentation materials for any project has transformed everything for us.


Now, because we are so prepared for the investment conversation, we have found ourselves with so many interested investors that we are primarily interviewing investors for their alignment to our mission whereas before we felt lucky just to have a second conversation with one of them.


Because of the depth of our experience with the funding preparation process, we’ve now developed relationships with several wealth managers who manage family offices from $1B to $400B in assets under management, allowing our creativity to run wild with the scale of projects we take on.

Throughout the journey, we started helping other community founders with their investment preparation process

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“Kelly is a force of nature. Equal parts creative genius and financial strategist, having her in our team for la tierra was inspiring and incredibly nourishing. There are few people in the world with such a deep and broad knowledge of everything that is needed to build regenerative villages in this day and age.”

Nico Alcala

Founder of the Design Science Studio and la tierra,

A 430-Acre Regenerative Village Project in Costa Rica


“Working with Kelly and Joe is not only very inspiring because they are a luminous couple, but also because they compliment each other amazingly, in what most of the "Regenerative" Projects might normally need, Financial and Marketing Services. I would 100% recommend working with them both additional to all the incredible alliances and opportunities that you might also get through them."

Felipe Leall

Founder of GaiaTierrasVivas

After manually designing financial models and development plans for multiple development projects...



We realized our time could only scale so far.

So we challenged our team to figure out how to systematize the process so we could solve the investment raise challenge for the entire regenerative movement at once.

The result was a Master Financial Model which auto-generates complete investment and financial projections based on a simple list of inputs.


As soon as it was created, we got to work filming the videos of how to use it, alongside the investment presentations, business planning, and funding strategies.

And the result is the Regenerative Development Funding Foundations Program.

... So that anyone who shared the vision for creating regenerative communities, and was willing to put in the time to learn and work at it, could have all of the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.


Which was when we decided to package our entire knowledge about the regenerative community investment raise process into a single program to massively accelerating you to getting your project funded and built.

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